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Charm'elle - Kuma

Bourg-la-Reine, France |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry

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The company Charm' is a trademark of EXCOLO SARL , born of the fashion designers of meeting and training of engineers. Fashion lovers and keen to play as a recognised brand, we follow a policy based on respect and satisfaction of our customers. Our approach shows the ideology and methods of Engineering by placing the customer at the centre of our priorities with the aim of meeting its needs. While based on the knowledge, the sensitivity and the creativity in fashion design. The concept The concept of charm's or customizable bracelets, was born there are now more than 10 years. In a world where your favourite jewellery exists thousands of other people's arms, only the charm's offer virtually endless customization possibilities, making your wristband will be like no other. But this incredible concept still remains absolute luxury and unaffordable by its price. This is where we imagined charm' , to make the inaccessible you finally accessible. Most Charm' All the products we offer on Charm' are the result of a meticulous selection to offer you the brightness and quality of large jewellery at the unmatched price. Our collection well established, meets 5 strong commitments: Unbeatable prices, jewels of dazzling beauty, Controlled and certified quality Of Charms for everyone and for all tastes, A service closer to you and your needs. In agreement with your clothes, your mood or with the highlights of your life, your Charm'elle bracelet is more than just an accessory. It is a jewellery that you like and that evolves with you every day. Beyond the Charm's On Charm' you find mainly charm's ... but not that! Our sensitivity and our love of fashion mean we will always propose more jewellery and accessories that will make tomorrow's trends. So, this is our site before any other place you can distinguish yourself with products such as earrings for charms.

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