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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Nevini has set out to reflect the elegance and beauty of the ocean with inspiration from the depths of the ocean and is a leading figure in jewelry industry with its silver products woven with natural and synthetic stones with a ten year experience. Natural pearls with silver brings together design services by offering women the aesthetic as a brand in contact with him announcing Nevinc, then the natural and synthetic stones silver added to the design of the sales portfolio of the man as the woman was the child's appealing to aesthetic needs over Turkey Has become a known brand. Nevinc with reliability and quality in Turkey serving five hundred points Diva Jewelry 's brand is a result of over three years and ten years of experience in the sector of the preparatory process was established in 2007. Nevinci, with his special design products and jewelry point of view, has been shown in the leading shopping centers in Turkey, and since 2010, has shifted to internet marketing, which is the shopping environment of the future. Today, Nevinc the name, access to the four corners of the silver jewelry industry in Turkey over the Internet, reliable, and carries the meaning of a brand that offers quality services. Nevini has been serving the customers in order to make them feel the fascinating touch of wearing women and men of all ages by presenting to the customers designs that touch the aesthetic concerns of the day to answer the need for an inexperienced jewelry. Nevinci has followed the ever-changing trends of jewelry fashion and has undertaken the mission of bringing customers together with frequently updated new designs. Nevini is a proprietary mark of preference to the family that brings the quality and reliability to the customer with a distinct, distinct and unusual difference from the others.

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