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Rachminov Diamonds Asia Ltd

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In the world of diamonds, coloured diamonds stand out in their unique dazzling beauty, deep-reaching hues, and eye-catching rarity. In the world of fancy colour diamonds, Rachminov Diamonds stands out. Rachminov has gained international recognition in this speciality niche and continues to innovate owing to constant attention to the latest cutting and fashion trends. Rachminov is among the largest manufacturers of natural fancy colour diamonds, and a leading market supplier of yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, and other coloured diamonds. With cutting and polishing facilities in Israel, Belgium, and New York, and offices in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Israel, Rachminov is available in any time zone to deliver the highest level of customer service. With a long-term, consistent supply of guaranteed conflict-free rough diamonds from Russia and Africa, and over 100 years of far-reaching industry experience Rachminov takes pride in meeting and exceeding its customer’s expectations of quality, selection, and price.

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