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As one of the first Korea Business Centres to be established worldwide, the Korea Business Centre in Hong Kong has been working closely with both Korean and Hong Kong companies to help them identify and pursue business opportunities for mutual prosperity. Korea and Hong Kong enjoy close economic ties in trade and investment activities. With export merchandise valued at US$ 30.4 billion in 2015, Hong Kong was Korea’s fourth largest export market. In 2015, Hong Kong has been Korea’s third largest source of inbound FDI in cumulative terms and Korea was its sixth largest export destination, with exports amounting to US$ 29 billion. The Korea Business Centre in Hong Kong, dedicated to facilitate and to further promote such valuable economic relations, endeavors to provide accurate and timely market information and comprehensive business services covering trade and FDI. Korea offers quality business opportunities with a solid industrial base, advanced financial, telecommunication and transportation infrastructure, and an abundant pool of highly educated workforce. I sincerely hope that Hong Kong companies would be able to make use of my Centre’s local presence to take advantage of these benefits Korea has to offer. Our priority is the mutual prosperity of Hong Kong and Korean companies, so do consider the Korea Business Centre in Hong Kong your window to doing business in Korea. Our professional and attentive staff is prepared to provide comprehensive and customized services to cater to your business needs, and we are always open to your inquiries and comments.

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