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Chanthaburi Gem And Jewelry Traders Asscociation

Talad Krathum Baen, Thailand |
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Trade Association & Council

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Knowledge of the Gemstone Gem Mine located in Tambon Bang to the present gemstone ring his district of Chanthaburi. The contact area. Haven is mine and Star Sapphire Peridot gemstone, which is solid. Best quality. Laboratory Laboratory BGL Operated by Burapa university High School The gemologist to check and reassure the service. Tourists who come to town just to buy jewels Club. Marketing Ploy (Gem Market) Marketing Ploy municipalities Located on the road to Sri municipalities and lanes clear. Which is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays half day. It began trading from approximately 9:00 hrs. - 17.00 hrs. On the market are foreigners from many countries such as China, India, America, Africa, Hong Kong, etc. come traded gems into the lot. they foreign mache. The table for the purchase of Stone This will Boat Makers Or the Walking Stone Remove stones from factories and sold to walk. Foreigners and write data on the table. A gem that needs what kind of site and see if anything went stones themselves. It will bring the stones to offer. The compensation would be super. Cents from the sale of gems there. Marketing Ploy municipalities that hold submarines. The charm is one of just five days. The Chanthaburi, who I also would like to visit. Want to see the way Life in this house It made for a long time already. Over the decades

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