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My name is Sylvie Doagio , I'm Italian and I live in Paris for many years. Since I am always passionate about art, history, crafts, creation and research. I am interested in the jewellery world because, for me, it is not as a fashion accessory, events or daily, it's much more than that the jewel is the culmination of a project that collects feelings and arts such as architecture, sculpture, history, emotion, human, aesthetics, research, technology, innovation , precision, design, craftsmanship, skill, memory, The family unit to the political sphere, he still gets the respect of its owners. The jewel indépendentamment its monetary value, is still cherished irrationally and emotionally, so that his love is priceless preciousness , and it is free and the freedom of this value that enrich! It's amazing how such a small object can hold as much information and crystallise, values and emotions. During my art studies at Genoa, I have long been rocked by the laws and mechanisms of the Italian Renaissance (XIV-XVI centuries) often told me that I looked like the Mona Lisa (I do not know if ' is a compliment but good!), where the man and the center of the vision of the world where nature is in perpetual transformation , regeneration and renewal. The creation is thus a constant renewal in search of inspiration, innovation and new and old ideas, times and revisited. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), took over the concept of " Natura Naturans *" to "become Nature" , where the microcosm: Man reflects the macrocosm: the Universe . The parallel can be drawn between microcell function and macro operation of space: at different scales, their operating modes are very close.

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