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Diacentre Incorporation

New York, United States |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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For over 20 years Diacentre has been operating out of New York’s famed Diamond District as diamond and jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers with clients throughout the United States and select markets abroad. Our expertise in the fine diamond jewelry market and unyielding focus on customer service ensure that our retail and wholesale clientele think of us first and foremost to fulfill all their diamond needs. As one of our esteemed clients, it is our utmost priority to ensure that you get exactly what you need by when you need it to fulfill the desire of any customer that walks through your door. Whether it is a small order of melees to complete a repair job, a GIA certified 2 carat diamond to set in an engagement ring, or that beautiful diamond bracelet that your customer has always wanted as an anniversary gift, DiaCentre will get your client precisely what they seek, at the most reasonable cost and with the most expedient service to you. In order to maximize the efficiency of service to our clients, DiaCentre Inc. is organized into three distinct divisions to ensure that you get the best qualified member of our service team to fulfill each one of your specific requests: DiaCentre loose diamond division handles all your melee and pointer needs in a vast variety of sizes, qualities, and shapes. Whether you have a service call of 2 mm princess cuts or need a match pair of ovals to set in earrings, the DiaCentre division has the right merchandise for you. DiaCerts will handle all your certified and noncertified larger diamond needs of 1 cts. and up. We carry a large inventory of GIA and EGL graded diamonds in a host of different diamond shapes. Give us a call or just use the dynamic search engine on our website to find precisely the diamond that your customer needs to set in their engagement ring.

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