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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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DABO -Jeweller The golden path of a rebellious heart Let me introduce, the face behind DABO-Jeweler As a member of a watchmaking family, I have grown up in the watch and jewelery industry so that my career path was already early. And so I successfully graduated from the goldsmith training center, where I started my own business and I am a Goldsmith Master. But somewhere deep in my rebellious heart, there was always the desire to rebel against conventions and be different. In the end, when I saw the bittersweet beauty of a gold ring with a skull motif in front of me, I suddenly realized what I wanted to do from then on: handmade rebellious jewelery, like never before - DABO-Jeweler was born! Already my first collections were so successful that we hardly succeeded with the production. Meanwhile the name DABO-Jeweler has developed into an up-and-coming star in the jewelery scene and stands for the combination of the noble and the extraordinary. In addition to women's, men's and unisex jewelery, we also manufacture sunglasses, belt buckles and much more from the design through the sketch to the finished product in pure handwork. As a predominantly family-run company, we are convincing for the best quality and the exclusivity of our rebellious collections. Everyday jewelery, as almost everyone has it, can not be found here. We are exceptional. We are DABO Jeweler

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