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Primarose Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Nature Of Business :

Wholesaler, Exporter

Dealing In :

Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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As the world well know that Thailand is a centre of the good quality and various designs of Silver Jewellery. Primarose Company is recognised as the manufacturer and the exporter of sterling silver jewellery with the handful of staffs. We have an experienced continuous growth since 1999 until now. We produce commercial sterling silver jewellery at your profitable cost with keep, attention to ensure the purity of silver never falls below grade 925. As the key player of Thai's silver jewellery manufacturer for several years until now, we have a long experience plus good relationship among our customers. As a result, we decided to debut this online catalogue website based on the ease format to fulfil purpose that our website will be able to serve you as one of your reliable sources. You are able to track our reliability by checking our status from the following

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