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VYS silver Jewellery

Istanbul, Turkey |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Silver Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry

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VYS Jewelry, well-known in jewellery sector since 1989, produces many unique, innovative designs of silver wedding rings, which are the symbols of unity and eternal love. Specialized in only silver wedding rings, VYS aims to bring all the latest jewellery fashions and popular styles at highest quality and continiously focuses on satisfying customers needs. VYS has combined years of experience with new production technologies. Our professional team, continuous improvements in business and management as well as strict quality policy have established our jewellery portfolio as one of the most advanced and reliable in the sector. With about twenty-four years of dedication to research, sketch and design, we have been a trusted manufacturing and distributing source for both wholesale and retail jewellery stores from all over the world. We provide customized designs, complete after-sales support, flexible production even at small quantities together with fast delivery.

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