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Bravo International Sac

Lima District, Peru |
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Bravo Internacional SAC was started in May 1st, by his owner Edwin Bravo, during these 20 years he has won experience exporting all kinds of minerals to different parts of the world. We have a lot of experience in the sale of Andean Blue Opal and Pink opal, Opaline, Rhodochrosite, Chrysocolla, Angelite, Azurite, Chalcopyrite, Calcite Mangano, Serpentine, Blue Aragonite, Brown Aragonite, Rhodonite, Amazonite, Dumortierite, Onix, Jaspes, Nephrite, Covelline and also Sea shells. Also we supply crystallized minerals of collection, for studies and decoration in this kind of crystallized minerals: Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Rhodochrosite, Native Silver, Sphalerite, etc which had been extruded from different mines of Peru. Likewise, we supply carved Animals, Birds, Spheres, Eggs, Tumbled, Cabs, Massage Sticks, Points, Soaps and free forms in different kind of Peruvian Stones. We count with a Warehouse of 600m2 and a permanent stock of 600 tons with a work shop highly qualified.Our commitment is giving you a high quality product, with the reliability and efficiency that you must deserve us a customer.

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