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Twikit NV

Antwerpen, Belgium |
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Twikit; a Belgian Scale-up with a sharp focus on 3D customization and digital manufacturing. Enter 3D Printing technology. This method of production gives shoppers the opportunity to co-design a piece of jewelry that matches the uniqueness of the person wearing it. Since pieces can be designed and ordered on-demand, there’s no need for investing in product stock that may or may not be sold in the long run. Twikit helps jewelry designers integrate their design concepts into a digital manufacturing process. Since 3D printing is able to achieve more complex geometrical shapes than traditional jewelry making, high-end one-of-a-kind pieces are achievable. Shoppers can now manipulate existing designs with adjustable options for new shapes, textures, personal messages and images. We want to set a new standard for how brands design and create products: customizable, production-on-demand, and digital. Our company consists of a pool of more then 16 employees with different backgrounds and fields of expertise. Our skilled software developers and design studio focus specifically on digital manufacturing and customization, and are backed by a solid business development and marketing team. Twikit’s goal is to create superior 3D customization for brands. We work together with companies to help them step into customization by developing seamless end-to-end solutions from ideation to integration. Our unique power is that we integrate digital manufacturing into any business model. The core differentiator with Twikit is our the combined knowledge of software development, product design and engineering. Our offices in New York and Antwerp have enabled us to establish strong international relationships with companies that produce everything from jewelry to consumer electronics. We are creative thinkers with hardy roots planted in 3D printing and Mass Customization. We are Twikit.

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