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Gembros Jewelry Co Ltd

Seoul, South Korea |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Exporter, Retailer

Dealing In :

Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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GEMBROS JEWELRY CO., LTD. is reputable leading manufacturer and retailer producing exceptional quality and unique fine jewelry. Established in 1984, GEMBROS has been a fashion leader and trend setter achieving astonishing progress both domestically and internationally. From the initial design to the final piece, the concept is analyzed to select the colors best suited to bring out its brilliance, and to ensure its wearability and consistency with GEMBROS style. GEMBROS’ products are manufactured by skillful craftsmen with thirty years of expertise and have been stringently checked to ensure the quality and worth. The spirit of ‘Jang-In’ (the essence of the Korean artisans) is embedded into exquisite jewelries with supreme quality. GEMBROS has over 50 employees and individual sales offices in Seoul, Korea. GEMBROS unites various talents and expertise to give birth to a jewel.

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