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LED Studio / Sawah Jewelry

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Craftsman, Manufacturer

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Silver Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Led Studio was established in 1986, on the Island of Bali, in Indonesia. It started out as a small studio with the aim of manufacturing unique high-quality jewellery. Indonesians have produced jewellery and decorative accessories from precious metals for centuries. Although many silversmiths have had no formal education, their natural talent, along with the knowledge and skills handed down by a long line of forefathers, have enabled them to produce delicate and intricate pieces for ceremonial, personal and commercial use. At Led Studio the philosophy is a clear and simple one. Based on respect for others, their character, culture and their religion, Led’s strives to ensure that the lives of its workers improve and are fulfilled. They started with the vision that they could help raise the morale of the silversmiths, improve conditions and introduce a fair wage policy. The aim has been to create a workforce and working environment which is comfortable, stress-free and produces a good quality of life for all. This was encouraged by introducing an ‘open management’ style, where all are respected and heard. An enterprise is only as successful as its workers are satisfied. In the beginning, Led Studio grew out of a tiny seedling into a towering tree. Solid in production and trade, it quickly became one of Bali’s largest and finest mass producers and exporters of crafted, 925 sterling silver jewellery. In 1996 Led Studio opened a second factory in Yogjakarta, on the neighbouring Island of Java. Today, they employ more than 125 silversmiths on site and several hundred others working from their homes across the archipelago. Led Studio has continued to expand, though never losing sight of the well-being of its employees and its eye for detail and high-quality designs and craftsmanship. Led Studio is supported by PUM, a Dutch government sponsored organisation, which sends experts to advise and train small businesses worldwide. Led Studio is working in partnership with Craft Network a program supported by The World Bank and its grassroots business initiative department. Led studio is an example of the Balinese dream created through dedication to a vision, passion, expertise, creativity and determination. All these elements helped to transform something small into a successful and respected business. Led Studio’s jewellery and accessories are exported all over the world and are available in Bali from their retail outlet, SUWO SILVER GALLERY on Jalan Legian.

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