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S.S. Agencies (1998) Co Ltd

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Founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 1963 by Jaginder (Yokin) Sinchawla as S.S.Agencies R.O.P., S.S.Agencies has been supplying fine colored gemstones to the world for over five decades. Yokin tirelessly traveled the world in search of high-quality gemstones and in doing so, established the firm’s international recognition and respect within the industry. With roots in the gemstone trade dating back eight generations in Burma, the family business continues to develop under the name S.S.Agencies (1998) Co., LTD. Today, with Gurmeet Sinchawla at the helm, the company continues to grow without sacrificing its strong adherence to its corporate philosophy and core values. Passion, trustworthiness, reliability, honesty, and professionalism; such are the values S.S. Agencies upholds and embodies. We travel to the corners of the world in search of the finest rough material. We pride ourselves on having an extensive inventory of precious, rare gemstones, replacement stones, as well as your everyday gemstones. We can proudly say that we have both variety and value to offer our customers. We also diligently participate in various trade shows around the world. In addition to giving us opportunities to showcase our inventory, trade shows keep our finger on the industry’s pulse, so that we are always aware of the ebb and flow of market activity.

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