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Optimum Diamonds LLC

New York, United States |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Diamonds, Diamonds

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Optimum Diamonds LLC, based in New York City, is a boutique diamond wholesale specializing in natural exotic color diamonds. Founded in 1999 by David Shara, Optimum has worked behind the scenes crafting some of the diamond world's rarest treasures. Optimum focuses on manufacturing the highest quality natural color diamonds from the rough, incorporating the science of cutting and polishing, and refining poorly cut diamonds to maximize weight and improve color. Today, Optimum Diamonds is considered one the world's elite color diamond companies, satisfying the needs of many premiere jewelers, sophisticated collectors and celebrities. Specializing in GIA certified natural colored diamonds (RED, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, VIOLET, PURPLE, and ARGLYE PINK), Optimum's extensive collection includes some of the rarest colors on nature's palette.

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