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Sherman Opals

Sydney, Australia |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Established in 1896 by Ernest Gregory Sherman (Ernie), Sherman Opals have been wholesaling and exporting Australian opals for well over 108 years. The Sherman family has been at the helm of the Company all this time, building an indisputable reputation for quality and price. Specializing in the prized Lightning Ridge Black Opal and Crystal Opal, Sherman Opals also carry extensive stocks of solid Queensland Boulder Opal and South Australian solid Light and Crystal Opal. If you are a wholesaler of jewellery or loose stone, please contact us and discuss your requirements. We travel extensively overseas, personally visiting clients and exploring new markets. We are experts in Australian Opal in all forms to which our longevity in business testifies and are more than willing to discuss your needs. E. Gregory Sherman Pty Ltd ( trading as Sherman Opals ) is a 3rd generation family business established in 1896 by Ernest Gregory Sherman (Ernie). Ernest Gregory Sherman Jnr (Greg) followed as did his two sons, Peter Gregory and Warwick Gregory Sherman.

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