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Jewellery Sakai (Thailand) Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Nature Of Business :

Showroom, Manufacturer, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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A local subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand is the world's gem trading centre was established in 1992. The main business content is gold, with platinum including the unique and original jewelry products, Japan, have been exported to Europe, to the United States. In addition, Thailand Jewellery Fair, participated in, such as Hong Kong jewelry show has received an order sell the jewelry products that meet the needs of our customers. I, will become a personal story, because they were the work of handmade processed in the year about 15 Japan, so we are familiar with the process of making products, including technical guidance of the staff, eyes be prudent for meticulously , without a problem, we come to today. Commitment to goods made with confidence, a product that will delight our customers, we offer you to the world from Bangkok workshop. The part of the around 2001 workshop opened and as showrooms do the retail sales, the customer received a variety of advice from, also that that has been reflected in the wholesale. It is my dream to continue to create jewelery that is committed to the future. I think that making jewelry is my career.

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