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Sujittra Gems

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Sujittra was founded on the basis of supplying customers with the best gemstones we can find. It all starts 50 years ago when Ms Sujittra traveled to the countryside of Thailand and bring back beautiful gems such as the Burmese rubies, royal blue sapphire, jades and etc. Until today, we still thrive to select the best diamonds and color stones in the market and incorporating graceful and innovative designs to bring out the best quality of each gem. Our core value is integrity and that is why each gemstone in our stores are certified by reputable gemological laboratories. We also believe that there is always a gemstone for everyone and that our customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Aside from selecting the best gems to mesmerise our customer, we take pride in creating jewellery with innovative designs. Our designs are glamorous and sophisticated yet stand against time. In order to create a piece that looks and feel classic yet has another level of sophistication, we have to combine simple shapes and forms with bold and pioneering designs. In pursuance of perfection, once a design is finalised the piece went through a meticulous crafting process. At Sujittra, each piece of jewellery went through a team of jewellers that are experts in the art (wax carver, caster, polisher, etc.) to create a high level of perfection. Half a century ago, Sujittra Gems was born from sourcing unique and beautiful stones that fulfil our customers' dream. Today we still thrive to satisfy customers’ needs with phenomenal stones, pioneering designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and extraordinary customer service.

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