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Kajita Co Ltd

Taito, Japan |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The Kajita Company established in 1970 is continuing a family tradition of dedication to the enhancement and development of colored gem stone acquisitions and jewelry designs for direct wholesale distribution. Our designers begin with the conception phase by investigating contemporary fashion trends and incorporating the needs and tastes of our clients which will suite their lifestyles and their budgets. We seek out the highest quality colored gems stones from all corners of the planet to present innovative pieces of jewelry to last a lifetime. Our company provides entire client care offering planning and incorporating your original lines from naming to display options.with the rapidly changing needs of today’s consumer we specialize in individual services unique to each of our clients no matter what your needs necessitate. Kajita’s philosophy is and always has been to provide “balance of price and value without quality compromise” guaranteeing a secure supply direct to your costumers. Kajita’s quality assurance and dedication to each of our clients’ needs and requirements is always our first and foremost concern. It is our sincerest aspiration that our products will continue to provide satisfaction and delight for future generations to come.

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