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Liverino Enzo Srl

Torre del Greco, Italy |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Courage, resourcefulness and adventurous spirit of the past, held together by the perseverance, commitment and tenacity of those who consider the work a value, noble and honor. But also curiosity, sagacity and business intuition, that in more than a century first created and then cemented the foundations of a company that was founded and perpetrated by a family, is a dream that we wanted to develop, renew and grow over time and space, making it an activity that never stops looking ahead. Telling the history Liverino means delve into the intricacies of a magical craft tradition, perceive the voices and sounds of men, women, machines and tools of the past and read the sign left a precious material that challenges the ages with his gleaming beauty. The shouting frantic and frenetic of daring crews of coral, the alchemical techniques of processing of coral handed down in a low voice from father to son as a precious magic formulas, shining eyes and wise women workers can distinguish shapes and colors with a look, ticking incessant and hypnotic lathe powered by water, the fascinating silence ruffled by the sound of chisels handled by skilled artists.

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