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GL Jewelry Company LLC

Moskva, Russia |
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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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In 2015, the famous Russian singer and producer Grigory Leps opens the jewelry house brand GL Jewelry. In collaboration with the talented young Russian designers, he is working on creation of the first collection. According to the authors, the brand products must above all to the taste of people with a strong, independent character, to break stereotypes and conventions: musicians, bikers, sportsmen. Created originally for men, our ornaments with time and relished the fairer sex - those who are not afraid to shock and experiment! We are currently working on creating a women's collection, where the current trends and the original vision of our designers will be merged. Concept future collection: "Shine, refinement, shocking and sexy, " We hope that you will find in our catalog a unique, ITS decoration, because we have invested in them the warmth of our hands and part of his soul!

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