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Ruth Hollywood

Glasgow, United Kingdom |
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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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Ruth Hollywood makes jewelry inspired by natural geometry. Synthesizing 100% recycled silver and colorful hand-mixed resin, her work moves over the boundaries between science, nature and art. The perfect microscopic patterns of diatoms and crystals have found their way into Ruth’s newest collections, the inspiration evolving into the form. In her Glasgow studio, she puts new technology to work in harmony with traditional techniques. Ruth’s work has a strong appeal to anyone who loves colour and cares about sustainability. Her pieces make a bold and subtle statement. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2006, she lectured in art and jewelry before creating her first collection as an independent designer in 2013. Ruth is inspired by contemporary design and architecture, color theory and artists such as Frank Stella. She also finds that her travels spark ideas, and the process of making itself leads her to further adventures in her practice. She has received awards for Excellence in Design from The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, and was selected for the Crafts Council UK Hothouse program in 2015. Her jewelry is stocked in a variety of shops and galleries across the world.

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