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Miami White GmbH

Hilden, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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We are a small force with the brand name Miami White. Newcomer in an industry in which it is teeming with vendors only, so what do we want? Well, to shine with our jewelry and to inspire ideas, that is our goal. A compact but fine and salable collection, which in small amounts, and even can be purchased individually, we call our own. You do not need huge selection to be announced by. Good quality, fast delivery and flexibility we have for you made. Before we adopted in the jewelry industry base, we have been for years in the sale of leather, textile and advertising materials successfully. The founder has 20 years of experience in wholesale and foreign trade, purchasing and marketing. Claudia Jackel is the heart and soul of the company, known for its friendly and open way of dealing with customers and suppliers.

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