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Simoro Jewellery

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Silver Jewelry

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Our company started to serve in the jewellery sector in the Grand Bazaar in 1976. With the partnership with Gold Damla Jewellery in 1984, it strengthened its presence in the sector and proceeded with sure steps. Alt?n Dame started to concentrate on its production activities by establishing its first workshop in 1985 and started to mention its name with its breakthroughs in production. Date When the year 2000 was shown, Sim Jewelry reached a new horizon in the Turkish market with its latest technology production machine park, 4-story total 3000 square meter usage area and high quota production volume. Hollow chain produced by Italian technology; Fantasy designs including rings, earrings and pendant ends; Silver bracelets, specially designed handcrafted products and diamond production capacity, Sim Jewelry is proud to be one of the three companies that have such a wide range of products in the world. Sim, which contributed to the development of the industry by investing the profits obtained from jewelery again in the sector, increased the service capacity offered to its customers by showroom SimorO, which has 7 floors and 385 square meters usage area opened in 2003 in Istanbul Nuruosmaniye Caddesi. It has reinforced and improved its excellent service understanding to its customers with its employees who specialize in their fields, providing ease of presentation with different product types on each floor. Since its establishment, SimorO has been continuously increasing the importance of exporting and has successfully represented Turkey abroad with commercial relations established in many countries of the world, especially in the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Europe, North Africa and Central Asian countries. Simoro has become an indispensable symbol for Istanbul Jewelery Show, one of the most prestigious jewelery fairs in the world and Turkey, for many years. Nowadays, SimORO maintains its position as one of the most appreciated companies of Turkish jewelery with its factory, which is continuously renewing its technology, elegant showroom and two retail stores which still serve in Kapal?çar??. Developing new designs, further enhancing international relations, maintaining innovative attitudes in production quality, and establishing new sales points both at home and abroad are just some of Simoro's near future projects.

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