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MY iMenso (Bene-Lux Jewels BV)

De Bilt, Netherlands |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Elegant, unique and personal: these are the words that perfectly describe MY iMenso. Our mission is a woman to inspire yourself to create a unique and personal adornment. A high quality piece of jewelry that reflects her personality and can be individualized for any time and for any occasion. MY iMenso locket (pendant) can be customized in countless ways: by simply opening and insignia photos (inserts) to aggregate and combine increasing. You can choose from a large collection's insignia: gems, coins, and other versatile designs. MY iMenso gives you the opportunity to personalize their insignia's, please let make engravings of photos, images and personal lyrics. The medallion itself is available in different sizes and colors, with or without CZ. MY iMenso also has a collection of complementary jewelry such as rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and chains to create a dazzling set. MY iMenso only use 925 silver and natural materials for the jewelry and a fair price / performance ratio. The medallion you forever, you can renew the permanent insignia's. MY iMenso: forever yours, always new!

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