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Ma Sang Jewellery (Hong Kong) Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Man Sang Jewellery (Hong Kong) Limited (“Man Sang Jewellery”) is the subsidiary of Man Sang Jewellery Holdings Limited (stock code: 1466)(together with the “Man Sang Group”). With over 30 years of professional experience in the industry, it has established a sizeable customer base over 50 countries and regions, which includes jewellery manufacturers, wholesale distributors and department store merchandisers worldwide. Man Sang Jewellery is involved in the purchasing, processing, designing, assembling, export and wholesale distribution of quality South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Chinese freshwater pearls, Cultured pearls and assembled pearl jewellery. Man Sang Group houses its processing facilities in Man Sang Industrial City, Shenzhen, China. Technology and advanced processing techniques are constantly improved and upgraded by Man Sang to bring out best qualities of a pearl. Man Sang's production base in Shenzhen have come first among their counterparts in the pearl industry to be accredited by DNV (Det Norske Veritas Quality Assurance Limited) with a Management System Certification of ISO 9002 in 1999 and was upgraded to ISO 9001 in 2000. This is evident that they operate to a quality system standard well-recognized worldwide. In January 2006, Man Sang was honoured with "The China Jewellery Manufacturers Brand Award" by the pearl jewellery division of the Jewellery and Precious Metals Industry of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. In November 2014, the Group was honoured with "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Award" by Mediazone Group. This again proves the excellent quality, product design and customer service of Man Sang. Man Sang has the capabilities and flexibilities to satisfy customers' quality standard. Man Sang Group employs about four hundreds of skilled workers and operates with a production capacity of over 550, 000 pieces of jewellery products.

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