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Clotilde Silva Unger 1875

, Italy |
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Nature Of Business :

Showroom, Manufacturer

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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E 'in this year that two Viennese brothers founded UNGER for the trade of embroidery and writing material from Bohemia. MILAN 1900 In 1900 UNGER is acquired by Benigno Rossi for his wife Clotilde Silva . Under his management the fashion accessory, corset ornaments and jewellery. The headquarters is in via Santa Maria Fulcorina at No. 13. In these years it formed the department store, with rare pieces from Bohemia and Venice, which is still the greatest pride of the company. MILAN 1960/1980 The UNGER passes under the guidance of the daughter in law, Mrs Dora Rossi (and moves in the same street at No. 20). And 'thanks to his great creativeness UNGER expanded, acquiring an important role in the market. The sons Alessandro and Maria Pia began their partnership in the company. MILAN 1990 Born of jewellery and fashion accessories line Clotilde Silva , dedicated to the founder moral, from a need to spread his product directly to stores. MILAN 2004 The UNGER moved to via Montevideo 7. MILAN 2012 Born UNGER Atelier , a line that wants to combine tradition with modernity of the design. The spread of our collections of fashion jewellery in large department stores and boutiques in the world in fact called for greater recognition of our style. We have therefore taken the path that has always distinguished us, and that is, the careful selection of materials, experimentation with new forms, not forgetting the very high quality of the finished product.

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