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More than just rare: Exclusive stones. Radiant colours. Hand-picked. Constantin Wild's treasure chamber contains some of the most beautiful prizes on this Earth. Finding them is his great passion. More than just a gemstone merchant: Running his hands over the raw material. Selecting the right cut. Appreciating the value. Each stone that comes from Constantin Wild has been examined in many ways. He is on first-name terms with them and knows their life story. His customers have held him in high regard for more than 30 years for his inexhaustible knowledge of the world of gemstones. The gemstone connoisseur Constantin Wild from Idar-Oberstein is known all over the world for his exclusive stones. Visitors to this year's Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem fair will have the opportunity to see why: endless facets, fascinating colours and very high quality. A red topaz for example, an absolute top-class specimen of 32 carats. This pear-shaped stone from Ouro Preto measures 31 by 14 milimeters. "Many people realise that high-quality stones can be extremely rare, even quite unique. And that makes this red topaz a very special, glittering investment", says Constantin Wild.

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