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Malca-Amit Canada Inc.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong |
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Nature Of Business :

Storage & Security, Logistics

Dealing In :

Security System, Safe & Vault

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The Malca-Amit Group of Companies consists of an international team of experts, including logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals, who work tirelessly to ensure smooth, expedient and professional service tailored to the precise specifications and needs of the global luxury goods industry and international banks. Malca-Amit stands at the forefront of industry innovation. Our expert knowledge, integrated solution technology and global capabilities enable our clients to achieve maximum efficiency when dealing with the movement of their valuable assets. With a comprehensive international network of partners and affiliates providing an unsurpassed level of customer service, Malca-Amit delivers absolute peace of mind for those dealing in Diamonds and Jewellery, Precious Metals, Fine Arts, Special Event Operations and more.

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