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Yiwu Hong Ye Jewelry Co Ltd

Jinhua, China |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry, Gemstones

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"Chicken feathers flying" - Yiwu small commodity market development for a perfect fit for the development of yiwu hongye jewelry co., LTD, factory in 2000 to the beginning of the development of more than 30 of today's more than 600 people, hongye man through 15 spring and autumn period, from the original OEM (processing) and ODM (design), and then to the OBM (independent brand direction) and pay attention to own brand shaping and developing, gradually formed a "supply integration" of fast circulation enterprises, hongye people in a short span of five years.Today, hongye jewelry is a development, production and sales of fashion jewelry, mainly the production of various kinds of alloy, copper, silver ornaments with its "aestheticism, fashion, contracted style favored by the majority of customers and consumers, design, and production of jewelry products are exported to the United States, Europe, central and South America, Oceania and so on more than 60 countries and regions, the service of international first-line brand abound. Since entrepreneurship, hongye jewelry rapidly by leaps jewelry industry forefront has held the top three in Yiwu jewelry industry.Hongye jewelry guide "technology innovation" with "concept innovation" and "management innovation", and focuses on the design ability of span development promotion and marketing ability.On manufacturing, on-site management technology optimization, trying to explore from experience management to the leap of industrialization management, in order to improve the enterprise operation efficiency and product quality standardization, improve employee benefits and customer satisfaction at the same time.On the hardware facilities, the company has standardized plant garden, elegant and pleasant environment, production and living facilities are complete, in order to improve product quality and beautiful degree, spending a huge sum of money to introduce import 3 d printers, embodies the business operators of forward-looking development and highly personalized humanistic ideas and management philosophy. In November 2006, the world outstanding Chinese chamber of commerce association awarded the "outstanding member of China chamber of commerce in the world".2006 years of fashion jewelry treasure branch, vice President of units;In 2006-2011 for nine years in A row by Yiwu personnel labor and social security bureau awarded the "labor security credit a class unit" title;2007 by BS EN ISO9001:2007 quality system certification, in 2011 by a new version of ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.In November 2007 by Yiwu city federation of trade unions awarded "donated generous, the poor to show their sincerity" title;In September 2008, Jiangxi, Zhejiang province chamber of commerce of the first executive vice President of units;In November 2008, in "the rise of Jiangxi, the second session of China's top ten outstanding Jiangxi, and the first ten excellent chamber of commerce" poll awards "best self-reliance ChuangYeJiang";In April 2009 by the Yiwu government awarded the "yiwu labor harmonious enterprise", in April 2009 with the Chinese people's armed police forces in Yiwu squadron set up "to build the unit between the people";In April 2009 in Jiangxi province of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the activity named "win honor for our country outstanding gan hang 60 people";In April 2010 was in Yiwu, the propaganda department of the federation of trade unions awarded "treating employees in Yiwu excellent enterprise";2008, 2012, 2013, a total of three times by yiwu economic development bureau awarded "Yiwu city to create a learning enterprise demonstration unit".

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