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Thompson Brothers Company Limited

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Exporter

Dealing In :

Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Thompson Brothers Company Limited is a well-known jewellery firm situated in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. With over 50 years of our operational experiences as manufacturer and exporter of gold and silver jewellery, we consistently serve our customers in many countries from around the world and growing with fairness and sincerity. Our customer profile ranges from well-known wholesalers to famous retailers and great amount of chain stores in Europe, Australia, Japan, and etc. Over the past few years, we have been expanding the new market to Asia, South Africa, Eastern Europe, etc. The products of Thompson Brothers are high quality and surpass the international standards. We carry a huge range of product variety and consistently developing our new collection to the market. With our professional team, we can satisfy our customers in every aspect. As a long established company with good reputation, we still can serve our customers’ need for elegant and beautiful jewellery until today. And this is why Jewellery by Thompson is to be treasured forever.

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