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Cataline Brenes

Aschaffenburg, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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while I was attending the final year of my bachelor degree in Fine Arts – Graphic Design at the University of Costa Rica in San José. It all started as a need to create something with my hands. The first “jewels” I create were a harmonic mix of ready-made objects with other non-conventional materials (for jewellery). Fascinated by its tridimensionality, I decided to explore more regarding jewellery and maybe, in that moment, I didn't realise that I was going to dedicate all my energy to it. In the following 2.5 years, I studied in a jewellery school in Costa Rica: Studio Metallo, to whom I owe all my first technical skills and understanding of what a jewel itself is. In the need to find my own path in jewellery and after an exhaustive research I was completely attracted by the freedom of shapes, concepts and materials present in contemporary jewellery. Not knowing what it really meant but with a great curiosity and innocence to find out, I then decide to enrol in 2007 in Alchimia: contemporary jewellery school in Florence. I had the opportunity to learn with the best in contemporary jewellery and finally start to question myself what it really meant and where should I belong. I had professor Peter Bauhuis as my second-year teacher and thanks to a scholarship I was able to finish my third year with professor Manfred Bischoff, both of great influence to what I still create today and my constant research to define my work. Since 2009 I started my first website to be able to communicate what I was making. A year after, 2010, Alchimia ended and was the beginning of an independent contemporary jewellery career which I felt confident to bring to life. As a part-time job, I was working as assistant director at Antonella Villanova Gallery. Being in constant touch with people and travelling to the most important jewellery and design fairs gave me a significant personal and professional growth. Over the last three years, I have been constantly searching for the absolute essence in my work: my pieces should speak by themselves. I am inspired by nature, not by its beauty, but it's the constant reminder of today. My biggest aim is to remain in time, but most of all that my work can belong to any precise time. I was born in Costa Rica, lived in Florence for five years and I am now living and working in Berlin since 2012 all this has made a result of what I create today. I present you here my work and who represents it, which I have a great respect. Catalina Brenes contemporary jewellery is myself in it's most honest expression in the best way to translate what I think and bring you inside so that we both hands by hand grow together. I am constantly searching for the best technical and industrial solutions, although all my work is hand made. I do want to arrive to as much people as I can, therefore I use the technology as one more tool to arrive at the end. I hope to touch you in some way with what I do and it's a great honour that you give me your time.

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