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Eastern Sourcing Group Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong |
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Nature Of Business :

Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter

Dealing In :

Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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We are Chinese wholesaler, we have strong power to support the jewelry business, our head office is in the UK, also have strong factory supply system to offer all kinds of jewelry, we offer different kinds of it, also our supplier only offers the style for us. Our market is basic for Euro and Mid-east, Main customer like New Look, Koton, Landmark etc. Also, we are the retailer in the UK, we also can offer a customer the retailer idea for reference. We are standing at the market, maybe we know what you need. We have a strong design team in the UK, they always sourcing the fashion style in the market and help a customer to design the style which you need. We prefer to know all kinds of market, we prefer all customer to send the inquiry to us, we prefer to offer the best service to you, Wish you all will work happy with us, wish we will have the strong business with you together in future. Thank you so much for all information to us.

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