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ECHT Jewellery & Design

Bonn, Germany |
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Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Packaging & Display

Dealing In :

Gold Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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Our aim is to sell jewellery with a concept. For this purpose we clearly sub-devided our assortmend into to jewellery worlds: etNox and LuxXL. With all collections quality has got highest priority. In addition we offer you as a dealer a harmonious selling concept with most collections: Jewellery including packaging, advertising material and shop displays. We are a wholesaler and supply only retailers or other wholesalers with our jewelery merchandise. If you are interested in our products as a merchant, write us via our contact form or order our catalogues. If you as an end-user like our jewellery, contact us, we may be able to provide you with the address of a dealer of our products near you.

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