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Cassetti Gioielli Srl

Indianola, United States |
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Silver Jewelry, Antique Jewelry

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Today “Cassetti” has become a significant entrepreneurial group and enjoys worldwide distribution inside the most exclusive shops, as well as an avant-garde company organization, both in terms of computer and production systems, but where it is the hand of man that always plays the predominant role. he Cassetti group, subdivided into “Cassetti Silverware”, “Cassetti Jewellery” and “Cassetti Shops” is an affirmed production and commercial activity that has been operating internationally in the luxury goods sector for the best part of a hundred years. This is the significant result achieved today by an industrial organization in constant growth: its silver articles are rigorously hand finished, in line with a predilection for manual dexterity and attention to detail that continues to lie at the roots of a wide-ranging diversified product range.

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