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Optima Jewelery

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Wholesaler, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Optima Manufacturing Jewellery was founded in Birmingham, England in 1981. Initially we started manufacturing competitively priced gold jewellery to satisfy the demand from retail stores owned by the founder and current chairman Russell Ambrose. The retail stores were subsequently closed as widespread demand for Optima's manufactured products within the trade quickly grew. During the latter part of the 1980's our factory expanded and at one time were the largest employers in the jewellery industry in Birmingham. The1990's brought an emphatic change for jewellery manufacturing in the UK with most of our competitors in mass production being forced to close due to cheap labour costs from emerging countries. We anticipated the changing times and opened buying office's in Bangkok and Shenzhen, China. Combining imported products with in house personalisation, Optima continued to grow. Despite UK manufacturing contracting during the early part of the millennium, Optima maintained its growth by taking over several well known companies. The ability to adapt to market conditions has ensured our continued success throughout our history. After achieving excellent results exhibiting our personalised jewellery at the JCK show in Las Vegas, we now have a fully functional sales and drop ship facility in Los Angeles, California servicing the USA and the rest of North America which has become an essential hub for our business. At Optima we work closely with the best laser machinery manufacturers in order to develop new technology, which integrates with our ordering and production programmes to minimise delivery times. To satisfy the demand we have recently invested over half a million dollars in the latest state of the art lasers, allowing increased efficiency and quality for our personalised Gold and Silver jewellery. By continuing to cut production costs but not our quality, we aim to compete with anyone. Our back office management and IT systems ensure swift product turnaround that we believe is unmatched in the industry. We have capacity to produce and ship over 5000 personalised items weekly and aim to despatch all items within 7 days. Optima specialises in manufacturing personalised jewelry to sell at modest trade prices to retailers worldwide. In what is perhaps the most challenging of periods we have achieved outstanding sales results exporting to Europe and many countries worldwide including USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China and Singapore. We form successful trading partnerships and build relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are not about supplying you just for today, we are in this for the long term so we are looking to you to try us out either by buying directly online or contacting us to discuss how we can work together.

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