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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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One of the leading gold jewellery manufacturing company in the Turkish jewellery sector PEARL JEWELRY CO, since 1992, has been serving the jewellery industry. That the best of the industry in this direction using the best technology, ambitious that pressing, moulding and the investments in production technologies such as CNC, customers' needs and our company considers the expectation is to keep the product in a timely and quality by producing a high level of customer satisfaction Our company has added 10% new products to its product range every month with the professional works realised by ?NC? KALIP's internal design department and production staff established in 2003 within the group company in recognition of the fact that superior jewellery production passes from perfect design and perfect mould production. ?NC? KUYUMCULUK A.?, which is one of the leading companies in the jewelry sector with an annual production capacity of 600 kg and more than 5000 products, expanded its export network to 65 countries all over the world through its wholly-owned marketing company MAYADIZAYN in 2006 and participated in the most important jewelry fairs every year Products to the liking of customers. Our company, which aims to be a leading company in the sector with an understanding based on professional management concept, customer satisfaction and quality from the day it was founded, responds to its customers' expectations with creative and innovative products and continues to be the preferred brand of the world's leading brands as a result of its stable operations.

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