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Okuda Pearl Trading Co Ltd

Kobe, Japan |
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Wholesaler, Traders

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Pearl Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry

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Okuda Pearl was found in 1949, established in 1993 as Okuda Pearl Trading Co., Ltd. We first primarily traded “Akoya” eventually we started handling “Tahitian Pearls” in 1990 as a pioneer in the industry. There was not much production of Tahitian pearls and the idea that pearls were supposed to be white had been firmly established in both domestic and international markets at that time. The rare nature of black pearls was known, yet they were considered difficult to sell in the market, because of the misconception that black pearls were dyed Akoya or other pearls. However, we continued visiting Tahiti once every two months and have fostered a solid relationship with the local pearl culturists to increase the trading supply and introduced Tahitian pearls worldwide and successfully became one of the leading black pearl trading companies in the industry. Our motto is to carefully select each pearl one by one and strictly set a high standard to ensure quality control. We will make every endeavor to achieve our goal to be the world’s leading necklace manufacture. We have continued to focus on trading, processing and selling to keep providing high quality black pearls and other pearls to the traders in both the Japanese and international jewelry industry as a processor and wholesaler. CEO, Kazuya Okuda, has been participating in “Tahiti Pearl Promotion Society of Japan” and is one of the founding members. Currently, as a chairman of the organization, Kazuya has been cooperating with the Tahitian government and? Tahitian cultured pearl association to be involved in the promotion of Tahitian pearls. We value the importance of each pearl’s value and maintain a quality of pearl that is high enough to be passed on from generation to generation. We will continue to persevere to ensure each selected pearl we provide is what all consumers are looking for.

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