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Stephan Herbert KG

Eisenach, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The gemstone manufacturer Herbert Stephan KG has been reliably supplying the world’s jewelry industry for more than 75 years. Our products are tailored to meet your individual wishes. Each piece of jewelry captivates thanks to its high-quality materials and reveals our passion for traditional craftsmanship. This passion and the dedication of our employees to our customers and their products, coupled with innovative technology, are what make our products so special. The whole “Stephan family” has close ties to the gem cutter’s craft, which has been a part of Idar-Oberstein for 500 years. Our company has already seen three generations practice this handicraft. In 1932, Herbert Stephan founded our gemstone manufacturing company and began supplying gemstones from our region to such far-flung destinations as the USA.

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