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Ikohe Inc

Mahwah, United States |
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Tools & Machinery

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Jewelry Making Tools, Machine Manufacturer

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A trusted name in Jewelry Crafting Techniques offers you an innovative line of Tools, Supplies and Equipment to transform your visions into contemporary or traditional art forms. We are delighted to present our comprehensive catalog with dedicated sections that feature a concise listing of pictorially illustrated products. With years of experience, we have become a primary supplier to the needs of metal smiths in the industry. To meet the challenges of modern day techniques our range of selected professional tools covers all aspects of jewelry making, wax carving, casting, raising, forming, sculpting, setting, finishing and more..... Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for on-time delivery, competitive pricing and quality tested products to satisfy the demanding needs of distributors and professional jewelers. Today, we’re better prepared than ever to meet the growing needs of global markets that have changed over the years. When you think of quality with value.

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