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Kézm?vesipari Szakképzö Iskola

Budapest, Hungary |
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Education Institute

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Jewelry Designing, Hunnar Shaala Craftsmanship

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School, Regulation of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Vocational School No. 6 as of 1963/64. the school year began work. The school moved to a new location And has been at work here. Following the transition years, our school has been a lot of changes in his life. We created including: Photographer a color lab a dental technician cabinet, Four goldsmith's workshop, and an optician additional workshops. In liquidation Dental Rt, - maintenance (Municipality of Budapest) - bought the dental technician tanlabort (6 laboratories and ancillary rooms). In addition to the new teaching labs, workshops construction of a major renovation works have been conducted and are ongoing at the school. The construction, in addition to renovations of teaching equipment and procurement tools - compiled annually - being based on a schedule. It can be said that the school modern - has fixed conditions with appropriate material conditions of personnel is above average - for all needs.

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