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Kashikey Company Limited

Minato, Japan |
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Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter

Dealing In :

Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Kashikey was founded in 1928, we are known as one of high quality diamond dealers and high quality jewelry manufacturer in Japanese market for long years. We distribute our jewelry to all major department stores, Chain stores and high-end independent stores in Japan. In early 90's, Kashikey came across a marvelous natural pink pearl called "Conch Pearl". Since then, we have been gathering Conch Pearl and became a world prominent Conch Pearl supplier and Conch Pearl Jewelry manufacturer. One of the most extraordinary and valued features of the Conch Pearl is it's "Flame Like" structure, a regular pattern created by oblong parallel crystals which gives the pearl a changing silky and opalescent effect. Please find our Conch Pearl Jewelry Collection at the show.

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