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The Gems & Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organisation)

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Education Institute

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Jewelry Designing, Certification Courses

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The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand. (ITD) under the Ministry of Commerce. Established to promote and support the development of Thailand's gems and jewellery industry's capacity in the world market. Is seeking candidates who are competent and eager to work. In the following Worker as a worker. Required Knowledge Skills Account Check under the guidance of a supervisor. The work to prepare and keep accounts. Including documents for accounting. Audit Balance Sheet Analysis Profit and loss account of the development of the information system. Various forms of tax system Planning for the development of institutional accounts. Working with auditors authorised to audit the accounting and preparation of the annual report. Performance standards in areas related to the agency. Knowledge of accounting. Accounting standards and requirements Storage or database record, or account information to provide advice on the issue and clarify the accounting officer of the institution. The comments and suggestions to improve or resolve the operational supervisor. And perform other duties as assigned.

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