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Lucoral and Lupearl Corporation

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Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry

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"Great Dongshanliang Royal Coral" across traditional trappings, with a new vision to build coral look. The level of jewelry art and the commercial value of the perfect link to the "big Dongshanliang Royal Coral" brand adhere to the faith. The essence of modern and stylish design language describes the work, the theme of the series to represent all kinds of ideas, adding different elements to mix and match gems, rich design, corals younger. We adhere to the process of beauty, uniqueness of the product, design emotional presentation, coral into classical noble, fashion Pierre. "Dadongshan Liang Yu Corals", Its corporate base is not only deep, but also actively expand the market, aimed at the most representative of "Taiwan's national treasures Corals", extended to world. Expectations, by cultural and creative cross-strait exchanges, to create a "coral" the greatest economic value. The sincere and serious business attitude will make "big Dongshanliang Royal Coral" brand spirit of sustainable development does not fall.

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