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Clifton Opal Pty Ltd.

Sydney, Australia |
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Gemstone Jewelry

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Clifton Opal is the largest Boulder Opal supplier. We have our own mines situated in the Queensland boulder regions, and a modern cutting factory. We have been cutting opal. A number of Clifton Opal staff have at least 30 years of experience in the industry, in mining, grading, and processing the rough Boulder Opal through to the finished opal product. Due to being one of the only opal companies to own our own mine and cutting factory, and to travel so regularly to the opal fields, our prices are extremely competitive. We can cater to wholesale, manufacturing or retail requirements as our cutting factory consistently produces large quantities of Boulder Opal in Specimen form, or as cut and polished Gems (individuals and pairs), ranging in value from low end to fine quality.

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