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Les Empreintes

Verberie, France |
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Gold Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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Possible customizations All our collection of pendants, bracelets, and rings, is customizable. We can engrave his fingerprints, but also the imprint of a foot, a hand, a mouth, Handwriting, drawing. You have the additional option to choose the gemstone of your choice: ruby ?diamond or sapphire color. The digital prints Use the card for this purpose, or a white sheet without tiles. Ink your finger well with our ink pad, and take a series of 3 to 4 cavity, without re-inking your finger without much support or tip finger. The first will be too dark, too pale last. Between the two, they will be well contracted. Feet, hands For children, it is best to take the whole hand or foot (their footprints fingerprints are not well trained). Use it to paint in dark water and a clean sheet or entrust us with a document that you already own. The drawings Use a white sheet without tiles and a black felt. Or send us a drawing already completed. Avoid coloring. The messages You can write whatever you want on our jewelry. A name was written by a relative, a note signed by you ... You can choose to manuscript your message or burn it in English or uppercase, and this in the language that is yours! The mouth Your mouth on her skin! Put dark lipstick and kiss a white sheet. Animals, logo, dedication. You can also burn a logo, autograph, write to backward, to abstract patterns or give us a paw your pet.

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