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Bruno Mazza s.r.l.

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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"Brothers Mattia Mazza" turns out to be, honor and merit of predecessors and present this being the third generation, one of the oldest and well-known companies for the production of coral and shell cameos. Born as "Mattia Mazza was Salvatore" and becoming later in "Brothers of Mattia Mazza, " had as logical to assume a succession of managers within the family until you have lately, after a further increase in generation, a single manager. Despite his years, we have always tried to preserve the charm of memories, although a craft like ours has had to adapt in step with the times. Transformations have also been received as a commodity type. Born only as a producer of coral, with the passage of time and with the continuing market stress, began moving first to work other raw materials (shell cameos, mother of pearl, turquoise and assorted precious stones) then commercializing finished products with different types of cultured pearls provenances. Finally, for some years, we are interested in the production of classical objects and silver fantasies 925% and gold 585%, 750%, that are born with the unique contribution of the same customers, with advice and original ideas, give life to production of very singular objects.

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