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Premier Diamond Cutting Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Thailand has for many years been a major force in the international gem and jewelry industry. Indeed the sector contributes significantly to the kingdom’s national economy. Expertise in gemstone cutting and polishing, in particular, have been notable factors leading to esteem in this sophisticated field. Just as vital to the country’s success, however, have been quality, service, and innovation. For all these very reasons, The Premier Group of companies exemplifies Thailand’s distinction within the industry. The Premier furthermore stands as a true pioneer of the country’s diamond, gem and jewelry trade. Our history traces back more than a century, to 1905, with an establishment of Bay Chin Teck Company Limited. Starting as a diamond and gold jewelry shop in Bangkok’s Chinatown district, our family-run business prospered and expanded in the decades to follow, with much success owing to the vision and astute management of Mr. Vichit Durongkapitaya, late president of The Premier. Today, we maintain the fundamental traditions of honesty and integrity upon which the company was established – all the while continuously innovating to make certain The Premier remains a global success.

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