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Primier Gems Trading Co. Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Premier Gems Trading Company Limited was established in 1982, the first company of The Premier Group involved in international wholesale and export of rubies and sapphires. To excel in the gemstone business requires a comprehensive selection for customers to choose from. At Premier Gems, we maintain a vast inventory covering all grades – we carry very large inventories of gemstones in the industry. However, inventory size alone is not enough to excel. Premier Gems furthermore is known industry wide as an unrivaled source for the world’s rarest and most exquisite gemstones, rubies, and sapphires among them. This large, as well as highly choice selection, enables us, as just one example, to provide a wide range of matching-color stone sets. Indeed for these and many other gem types, we maintain a collection that’s both vast and highly abundant so as to meet most any demand. The authenticity of stones is, of course, always essential. In this regard, our in-house gemologists use the latest GIA testing instruments for inspection of every stone. Our sorting department, moreover, applies strict and consistent standards to classify and grade each gem based on color, size, clarity, and purity. The quality of cutting likewise is a Premier Gems strong point. Our stone cutters are highly trained and experienced. And because we have developed our own grading system, previous customers can order from us and be assured of receiving the same superior-quality gemstone creation.

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